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  • School timing are from 8.15 am – 1.15 pm
  • Students are expected to wear neat uniforms when they come to school.
  • Students are not expected to take leave without getting prior permission
  • Leave letters from parents should be submitted when students are return to school after a leave of absence.
  • Students should bring snacks to be eaten during the breaks.
  • No student is allowed to go out for snacks/coffee during school time.
  • Parents are requested to cooperate with the authorities in maintaining discipline.
  • Parents and students should cooperate with the authorities in keeping the school premises plastic free and litter free
  • Parents have to come to school once a month (when notified) for discussing the study pattern of the child.
  • Parents have to cooperate with the faculty to improve the academic performance and confidence level of the children.
  • Due to the current situation the school authorities will be contacting the parents at regular intervals.
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Documents to be Submited
  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Details of NIOS Registration
  3. Mark sheet from the previous school attended
  4. Transfer certificate and conduct certificate from the previous school
  5. One passport size photograph