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What are the unique aspects of studies at Tattwa

Tattwa aims at giving quality education to all by making schooling a learner’s choice. It is ensured that children get the freedom to learn the subjects they like at their own pace with a flexible curriculum which is very relevant to the needs of the society. All efforts will be taken to blend studies with soft skill development and to give awareness regarding future options

What are the advantages of joining Tattwa centre of learning?

Tattwa offers a complete package to suit the child’s requirements. It includes not only the curriculum, but yoga, brain exercises, motivation sessions and career guidance. Tattwa understands that every child has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. Some children have lateral thinking abilities and shine in fields like creative arts, design etc. The right inputs will help the children realize their talents in wide ranging careers.

What is the difference between a regular school and Tattwa?

Tattwa is designed to help a child learn at his/her pace. We prepare children to appear for the NIOS examinations conducted 2 times every year, Oct-Nov & Mar-Apr.

What categories of children are expected to join Tattwa?

The following categories of children can get help from us

  • Students who wish to spend a major part of time for a specific purpose, like sports coaching, Dance classes etc. and hence cannot cope with the regular school curriculum
  • Students who wish to do a different course/subject after their regular plus two/state board
  • Students who find it difficult to cope with the academic stress of a regular school
  • Students who wish to pace their studies so that learning becomes more of an enjoyable  experience

Does Tattwa cater to the differently abled students?

Yes, students who find it difficult to cope with in the main stream education will receive the required help from Tattwa in the form of structured teaching, assignments, worksheets and model papers which will equip them to face the examinations.

Will children need private tuitions apart from Tattwa coaching to face the examinations?

No, our qualified and empathetic faculty will ensure that children do not need any private tuition and here we see to that there is a one stop solution to all their problems.

Can children get admission to higher enters of learning like medical/ engineering colleges , IITs etc. with a score from NIOS

Yes, It is equally recognised like CBSE/ICSE etc.  A large number of students secure admission to prestigious higher learning institutions with a score from NIOS.  About 5000 students appear for these examinations from Cochin city only [Please refer to appendix F, G and H of Prospectus 2016-17 of NIOS].

How is learning made easy for the students at Tattwa

The child can pace studies and examinations. The faculty at Tattwa will provide enough guidance and learning materials to help children cope with the academics. Special emphasis is given to study skills development and each child is helped to create a learning strategy best suited to him/her.

What are the eligibility criteria for admission to Tattwa

Children who have completed 14 years of age and have done 8th std in any board of studies can join the secondary level and those who have completed 15 years of age and have passed 10thstd in any board of studies can join the Senior secondary level.

When will the children joining now will appear for the examinations

Children can join now for admission to classes 7- 9, and 11. Examinations of NIOS have been generally conducted in March and October. This year due to extenuating circumstances the dates will.be changed slightly.