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The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree

Education for a Sustainable 21st Century” has become the rallying cry for parents,authorities, childrenand social workers. The urge to improvise, to adapt and yet retain some elements  underlines the need to come up with innovative methods in education. ‘Art in Education’ is one such innovation and it has taken on a mainstream hue, emphasizing the need to sensitise children to the degradation of the environment  through art. Tattwa school has eagerly embraced this idea by having an Art Workshop from 14th  to 18th October . The workshop, “The Wishing Tree” an Art from Waste project is spearheaded by Prof Paulo Teles and his colleague, Ms Rosanna Bernado from Brazil. His brainchild,’ The Wishing Tree ‘has been envisaged as an international project covering countries as Namibia, India and Japan. It focuses on the importance of art in our daily lives and the need to reduce the use of  non-biodegradable items.

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