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Tattwa Centre of Learning is a ‘concept ‘ or a ’boutique’ school . It is unique in many ways- firstly, though working for a school leaving certificate, it’s not focused on examinations. Secondly, it is focused on the  individual’s needs.  While the culture is a shared one and discipline is instilled in each and everyone the differences are also celebrated. It offers an alternative to children and parents looking for an education that is geared towards the pulls and push of modern times. Tattwa believes in facilitating the development of youngsters by focusing on their potential and building on their strengths.
The approach is holistic,  because the founders subscribe to the ancient axiom of ‘Self development leads to Societal development ‘. So arts is an integral part as is communication skills. Physical development is equally important wifh the students participating in Sports or Zumba or Yoga. We hope to exemplify our motto- Journey to Transform.

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